My main research interests are in history education and the philosophy of education. Please see my Writing page for work I have published. I write regularly about all of the topics outlined below on this blog.

History Education

My principal research interest is the relationship between history as an academic discipline and history as a taught subject. I have additional interests in the growth of pupil substantive knowledge of the past, the curricular structure of history as a subject and the means by which (particularly substantive) knowledge of history might be assessed. I currently supervise research students for the University of Cambridge in this field.

There is not enough bibliographical work being done in the field of education, and I am trying to make a small contribution to this by maintaining some bibliographical handbooks. Currently available for free download are the Guided Bibliography for the Traditional Teacher and the Guided Bibliography for History Education.

I am an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association and an associate editor of the journal Teaching History. I am also a member of the Royal Historical Society and sit on their education committee.

Philosophy of Education

The way in which the knowledge of academic disciplines comes to be taught is my main interest in the philosophy of education. I am particularly interested in the role played by teachers and teacher expertise in the process of teaching academic subjects. More broadly and recently I have begun to consider some of the tenets of a ‘liberal education’, particularly as part of a critique of genericism in education.

I am a member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.


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