Below is a selection of talks I have given in recent years. Please contact me if you would like slides or other materials from one of these talks.


‘Specificity, clarity and avoiding nonsense: why we need philosophy in educational research’, ResearchED Annual Conference, London City Academy, 10th September 2016,

‘Knowledge, curriculum, disciplines and social justice: what does the sociology of knowledge have to offer school curriculum thinking?’, British Curriculum Forum, London, with Young, M.


‘Substantive knowledge and pupil progression in history’, Michael A. Sant Memorial Lecture, 29th October 2015, Malta

‘Teaching the Norman Conquest at GCSE’, Schools History Project (SHP) National Conference, 11th July 2015, Leeds Trinity University College

‘Inclusive history teaching − The British experience. Challenges, approaches, problems’, Nordic Conference on Subject Education, University of Helsinki, Finland, 28th May 2015

‘Do you remember doing that in Year 7? Helping to make history stick’, Historical Association Annual Conference, Bristol, 8th-9th May 2015

‘Curriculum Research. What is it? And why do we need it?’, ResearchED Research Leads Conference, University of Brighton, 18th April 2015

‘Towards a responsible and disciplinary education in contrasting socio-political contexts: history-teacher-led curriculum change in England and Lebanon’, Knowledge, Curriculum, Disciplines and Social Justice Seminar Series, University of Cambridge, 16th April 2015, with Christine Counsell

‘Teachers and the academic disciplines’, PESGB Annual Conference, University of Oxford, 26th March 2015

‘Assessing History: the English experience 1991-2014’, HiTCH International Workshop,  University of Hamburg, Germany, 5th March 2015


‘The disciplinary knowledge of teachers’, Humanities Symposium, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 4th July 2014.

Accounts and interpretations in history’, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Singapore, 2nd July 2014. Workshop given at three locations.

‘Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs: teaching the late middle ages through Shakespeare’, Historical Association Annual Conference, Stratford-on-Avon, 16th-17th May 2014. Repeated at SHP Annual Conference in Leeds, July 2014.


‘Past arguing? The development of history teaching in England from 1944 to 2014’, Nazarbayev University, 3rd December 2013, Astana, Kazakhstan

‘An invitation to history education’, Fitzwilliam College History Society, 29th October 2013, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

‘Subjecting oneself to the discipline: what is the relationship between pupils, teachers and the academic discipline of history?’, Subjects and Subjectivities, 5th Annual Education Research Conference, Edgehill University, Tuesday 9th July 2013

 ‘Why did Dr Seuss write the Butter Battle Book in 1984? Mediating memories of the Cold War through historical interpretation’, Euroclio Annual Conference, Erfurt, Germany


‘Out went Caesar and in came the Conqueror, though I’m sure something happened in-between’, Schools History Project (SHP) National Conference, 6th-8th July 2012, Leeds Trinity University College

‘Situating history teachers in a disciplinary community: a phenomenological study’, Agency Conference 2012, Researching Agency in Educational Contexts: Theories and Methods, 11th-12th June 2012, University of Cambridge

‘“But have you not thought about the consequences?” Using causation’s forgotten sibling in the history classroom’, Historical Association Annual Conference, 11th –12th May 2012, London


‘How do elite history teachers historicise their practices?’, History Teacher Education Network (HTEN) Conference, 11th – 12th July 2011, University of Roehampton

‘Teaching contemporary history: the causes of 9/11’, Leicestershire Secondary Regional History and Geography Conference: Engaging with the Future, 28th March 2011, Leicester

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