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  • A few years ago, a number of myths emerged in school inspections. These myths included things such as ‘inspectors expect a certain style of teaching’, ‘inspectors want [...]
  • Can one know before one understands?

    14 June 2018 // 3 Comments

    Consider the following: “I know about Magna Carta” What does this statement tell us about what you know? The answer here, I think, is that it does not tell us very much. [...]
  • I read an interesting post by Debra Kidd today about how, in history and other subjects, we should aim not just to know, but also to understand. I have written before about [...]
  • Ofsted and the curriculum

    25 April 2018 // 0 Comments

    Ofsted yesterday published a blog by Sean Harford, and it was rather good. It said some very sensible things about the curriculum in schools, and it gave a helpful steer in [...]
  • It is not difficult to find problems in contemporary education. Many of the problems are acute and obvious and, quite understandably, therefore attract a great deal of [...]


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